Spinal Manipulation Therapy (SMT)

Moving forward with progressive and complementary therapies, Dr. Stacey Homer has graduated from the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre, the only accredited animal chiropractic school in Canada. She is certified in Veterinary Chiropractic care as a Spinal Manipulation Therapist (SMT), and is an associate with the College of Animal Chiropractors. Using Animal Chiropractic/SMT, Dr. Stacey has a progressive and whole body approach to multiple issues including performance, preventative care, injuries and lameness.‚Äč

Animal Chiropractic/SMT is an alternative and complementary medicine that is based on a whole body approach in order to improve the health and wellness of the animal. It can be done on any species with a spine. We commonly treat Canines, Equids and Bovine patients. The basis of Animal Chiropractic/SMT is the relationship between structure (the spine) and function (the nervous system) and how these systems interact to affect health. This modality involves the diagnosis and management of mechanical musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions. Benefits of Animal Chiropractic include improved performance and quality of life, increases function of the immune system, relief of pain and muscle tension, prevention of injuries and improved joint stiffness and range of motion. While Animal Chiropractic/SMT is not a replacement for traditional veterinary medicine it can be used in conjunction for a comprehensive approach to the well being of your pet.